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 :: Support Crew tools ::

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PostSubject: :: Support Crew tools ::   Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:18 pm

As part of the Support Crew you need quick and good reliable info source so you may help others in this alliance.

This post here is ment to help/guide the Support Crew.

The moste relevant things will be postet inn here.


:: NPC Guide ::


NPC stands for Non-Player Character - any non-human player is an NPC. In Evony, NPC's own barbarian towns and unclaimed valleys.

NPCs are also known as BARBARIAN TOWNS Barbarian Forts can be attacked at any time without offending hostile alliances. Different levels of NPCs indicate the level of strength within the barbarian's fortress.

NPCs are computer generated cities with great amounts of resources to be plundered. The level npc you attack determines how many resources it has and also how hard it is.

Each npc contains buildings that are all the same as its level, (ie. all level 1 npcs have all level 1 buildings). Each npc contains an: academy, forge, embassy, workshop, feasting hall, stable, inn, rally spot, barracks, relief station, beacon tower, 20 cottages.

Resource fields consist of 1 sawmill, ironmine, and quarry, and the rest of the fields are farms.

Below is a rough guide of how some of these npcs can be done without any loses. Keep in mind it takes each npc 8 hours after you hit it to regenerate its resources, but fortification regenerates much quicker.

You can build your own NPC only if you are able to build a new town. To do so, conquer a flat and build a city. Once the new city is built, proceed to Town Hall and in the "Cities" tab, select appropriate city to abandon. Abandoned cities turn into NPCs instantly. The level of NPC depends on the level of conquered Flat.

Looting NPCs with ballista
(*citation: )

Fewest Ballistas used to successfully attack a Barbarian (NPC) Town with no losses:

Level 1: 20 Ballista (archery 7) also 22 Ballista confirmed 47 rounds (Archery lvl 6 Horseback riding lvl 5 Military tradition lvl 5)

Level 2: 50 Ballista (archery 7)

Level 3: 100+ Ballista (archery 6) 140 Ballista confirmed 85 rounds (Archery lvl 7 Horseback riding lvl 6 Military tradition lvl 6)

Level 4: 215+ Ballista (archery 6) or 160 Ballista (archery 9+)

Level 5: 450 Ballista (archery 8+) (Horseback 8, or higher)

From NPC Level 6 and above you will always take losses. Because NPC Level 6-10 have Defensive Trebuchet as fortification, which have a range of 5000.

Note: There seems to be a glitch when level of horseback riding is 7 or 8, we loose ballistas in these attacks. Level 6 and below or level 9 and above are your best options. The above saying is no longer true. Ex. in plundering level 5 NPC city if you only get level 6 or 7 Hoseback riding then you would lost 20 to 50 ballistas which makes you lost more lumber than you get from NPC city.

Also Note: If the attack skill of the hero is too low you may lose ballista. Use a hero with attack skill of at least 40.


If you cant find it here check out these links:


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:: Support Crew tools ::
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